Archicad API - Grasshopper Plugin

The easiest way to use the JSON/Python API from Archicad without knowing how to code. You can access the GitHub Repository where we have the most updated version of the plugin.

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tAPIr is the easiest way to leverage the power of the Archicad APIs for automation inside your ArchiCAD projects. Traditionally C++ API was available for developers to create Archicad addons, plugins, and other automation. Since Archicad 24 a new and easier JSON API was available for a larger number of developers but still requires programming knowledge. Our scope is to reduce this learning curve and make it available for an even larger group of users the power of this APIs through the use of a node-base editor.

Archicad JSON API

Our awesome features


In today's world of fast-paced projects, we need our software to keep up with our needs. We can't depend on software companies to fulfill all our needs. Some ideas or specific requirements will never make it to their roadmaps as they might not seem a profitable investment or have enough users who need them. And that's the beauty of an open API! We love ARCHICAD and we want to make it better!, We can help develop small addons or plugins that can improve the capabilities of the software greatly and fast! The current state of this plugin is the result of hundreds of hours of discussions and development that started as part of our internal R&D effort at enzyme apd with the collaboration of Grzeg Wilk. We decided to open this project to the community to be able to let it grow and inspire others to help us in this pursuit! Open-source is the only way to guarantee the long-term viability of the tools and the workflows, putting innovation back at the top priority.

"ifc.js" inspired us towards open-source

Our awesome features

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We are putting together a motivated and diverse community to help push forward this project.

How does it work??

Go and check all the training videos, samples, and case studies for learning all the functions, but do not stop there, create your own workflows!


The following companies are helping financially, giving us resources or time. We couldn't be here without them!

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This is a non-profit, free, and open-source project. Built from the Archicad community for the Archicad community. Our goal is to create a sustainable, future-proof, and self-maintained project, that can scale, update and grow with the user community. We are looking at innovative ways to fund the project that requires minimal effort from our users, but that can provide long-term and sustainable support to the project.


Small amounts, from a significant number of users, can make a big difference! Any help or contribution to the project will be monitored with transparency through a crowd-funding platform. Our idea would be to provide training, support, and resources to all our patrons in exchange for their support. If every Archicad user gave us 1$ / month we could easily have a small team of developers updating and improving this API project based on the community's needs.

Sponsoring Program

We are asking larger organizations, interested in using this plugin, to sponsor partially this project, using us as part of their R&D efforts. We can provide them with faster development based on their specific needs, and customization of the public Grasshopper nodes to fulfill some specific project needs. This support will also be featured on our website and any public event where this plugin is discussed, providing global visibility to the supporting organizations.

Other Income Sources

We will explore other income sources that can provide the community of developers and users involved with the maintenance and upgrading of the toolset with some fair retribution. This will ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. Amongst these other income sources, we are considering exploring: 1. Paid training sessions, 2. Public funds for Innovation and Research 3. Implementation Services Any idea or help will be most appreciated.

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We are putting together a motivated and diverse community to help push forward this project.